Teacher Unions Broke Education in the US
April 26th, 2011 by Brawlin Melgar

The education system in the United States is broken. Everyone knows it is, yet not much is being done about it. Bad teachers get by while good teachers see bad undeserving teachers get the same raise. That is biased, unfair and hurts our kids.

Good News the Bias is Changing
The education bias toward the collective and away from the individual is ending in at least two states, Wisconsin and Ohio. Those states have just adopted a new bias. A bias focused on the individual teacher away from the field leveling, money grabbing collectivist union.

Under SB5, Ohio’s new public union law, teacher performance will be a major component in evaluating teachers for pay increases. Gone are the automatic merit increases negotiated by the union. Now pay is based on a system that involves observing teachers in the classroom and evaluating their knowledge of the subject, their teaching skills and their ability to communicate to students.

There also will be testing student performance from beginning of the year to the end of the school year according to a recent Cleveland Plain Dealer article by Reginald Fields.

Student achievement will be 50% of the teacher performance grade. The total performance grade will now determine if the teacher gets a raise or just gets to keep their job.

Old Union Bias – Everyone Gets A Pay Raise because it is Good for The Group
In the current system, teachers received pay increases regardless of performance. Additionally bad teachers were protected from being fired for poor performance. Worse yet, those poor performing teachers received the same raise as the better performing teachers. In Boston, the Teacher’s Union actually blocked bonuses for deserving teachers.

New Individual Bias – When you deserve a raise, you get a raise

With the new system, each teacher can receive pay increases when performance is worthy of a raise. Now teachers will be treated as most employees are treated. More importantly the bias now is back on the performance and future performance of students and each individual teacher, not on the union.

As this video explains, let’s put the bias back in to teaching our children and away from collectivism/unionism.

The Truth about Teachers Unions from Union Facts on Vimeo.

Union is Skeptical
Unions do not like this idea at all. They question the way student achievement will be measured claiming that there aren’t enough student growth measures that are reliable enough to used as a basis for teacher compensation. In general they call any attempt to measure the performance of the teacher unfair. Maybe the union ought to wait until April 30, 2011 for the Ohio Superintendent of Education to submit the framework for how to evaluate teachers and how to evaluate students.

The education system in America is broken, some teachers are being overcompensated while others are being under compensated. And where is the bias? Not on our kids, that’s for sure.

Hopefully that will be a thing of the past.

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  • Peter Tains writes:
    November 23rd, 20129:45 pmat

    What the heck is a “good teacher”? Is it a teacher who gives his pupils good marks, for example by training them like monkeys for exactly those things that are asked for in an exam?

    There is a big problem with the definition of “teacher performance”. What really counts is to have very exact guidelines of what has to be taught, a system of centralized exams and different schools or different classes with different curricula for pupils of different learning abilities.

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