Creationism Is Not Allowed in Public Schools
May 24th, 2013 by Susandmarkle

At a Springboro, Ohio’s Board of Education meeting last June the school board discussed among other things, teaching creationism in Springboro public schools. Oh my God.

That didn’t sit well with the American Civil Liberties Union who at the time insisted the Springboro school board immediately abandon plans to pass any policy teaching creationism calling such a plan as ‘controversial.’ Some teachers and teacher aligned parents said this issue is a distraction to divert attention away from more important issues such as teacher pay and district finances.

We can’t have children learning other points of view and thank God for the ACLU! The ACLU says that God does not belong in public schools. If you want God, go to a parochial school.

Board Vice President Jim Rigano said the proposed policy didn’t just focus on creationism. He said:

“It’s about controversial issues and creation, evolution being one of those and the policy is being brought forward for a couple reasons. One is we don’t want to be indoctrinating students to any particular point of view. We want to make sure that all sides are being taught in a fair and balanced way and, then,also, we want to encourage critical thinking.”

Springboro School Board President Kelly Kohls said:

“We want to allow people to talk about it in the classroom.”

Update May 24, 2013: Board President Kelly Kohls, was forced to change her position after the American Civil Liberties Union and Freedom From Religion Foundation threatened her and the school district with a lawsuit.

Rebecca Markert, staff attorney for the Freedom From Religion Foundation wrote a letter citing six court decisions since 1968 rejecting creationism in public schools. She said:

“It is wildly inappropriate for the religious beliefs of a few school board members to be pushed on a captive audience of public school students.”

Clarence Darrow (left) and William Jennings Bryan chat in court during the Scopes Trial.

In 1927, there were 13 states, both in the North and South, that considered some form of anti-evolution law.

Today just the opposite is true, only evolution is taught. It is wrongly considered by to be against the law to teach creationism because of separation of church and state.

Today we have freedom FROM religion, My God, things have wildly changed. Critical thinking about the creation of world and all it’s inhabitants is not allowed in public schools. That’s our biased education system for you.

What’s Ohio’s State Motto? With God, all things are possible.

So what’s possible without God in Ohio schools?

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