Obama School Supplies You Can Believe In
Dec 14th, 2009 by Brawlin Melgar

Obama School Supplies You Can Believe In

According to the Columbia Daily Tribune, officials at three Missouri schools aren’t very happy with the Obama campaign-themed school supplies their schools received from a supply company recently. As a matter of fact, the supply company, Pencil Wholesale, is having to travel across the state to recall the pencils and notebooks that look very similar to Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign logo.

The school supplies have  pictures of stacks of coins – pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters – and read “Change We Can Believe In.”  It also features the red, white, and blue “O” that was a signature mark of the Obama campaign.   (See the photo to the right.)

At least two families of students at Columbia Elementary School have complained about their children purchasing the notebooks and pencils from a school vending machine and Principal Mary Sue Gibson alerted the supply company, saying she didn’t want to “get into that political arena.”

Greg Jones, a sales representative with the company says the design was an accident.  “The art department was trying to be cutesy,” he said of the school supplies.  “I wish I could do it over, but for now, I can just make it right.” He also stated that the supplies were not designed by Pencil Wholesale.

Jones said he delivers supplies to about 800 schools and he will be traveling around to the schools who may have received the controversial supplies to see to it that they are removed, but finding all of the pencils and notebooks has been a difficult task.

“It’s turned out to be really ugly. We’re trying to get them out of the schools as fast as we can,” he said in a statement.

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