Mmm Mmm Mmm: More School Kids Praise Obama
Nov 4th, 2009 by admin

Last month, we saw a few videos make national headlines of public schoolchildren being made to sing the praises of Barack Obama, but today the blog Big Hollywood claims they’ve received eleven more videos via email.  The videos show kids ranging in age from elementary to high school students.  Even more disturbing than children being forced to speak or sing praises for a man as though he is some sort of religious figure, is the fact that many of the songs and skits performed appear to focus on the President’s race and not his accomplishments.  As a matter of fact, some of them took place before Obama was even sworn into office. 

At West High School, located in Madison Wisconsin, students from “MULTICO”, a “two hour a day English class” decided to write skits based on “concerns and experiences of children and adolescents in a multicultural, multilingual urban environment.”   How did they do this?  By “performing” Obama’s victory speech, of course!   At Morgan Park High School in Chicago, students perform a song “Change We Can Believe In.”

At Giffen Elementary School, in Albany, New York, fifth and six grade students created a rap about the current President.  The rap has lines such as  “I am married to a black American who carries within her the blood of slaves and slave-owners,” and  “The first black President.  Now he’s in the white house…” with a chorus of the phrase “say yes we can” repeated. 

At Gotham Avenue School in New York, fifth graders perform a song that starts out, “We believe in Barack Obama. He loves you and he loves your mama.”  Kind of takes me back to my own childhood when I sang “Jesus Loves Me” in Sunday School. Doesn’t it you?   If you think that one takes the Obama worship a little too far, how about this one from Powell Elementary School in Camden, New Jersey.  It starts out with the line, “Barack Obama there is none higher” and goes on to talk about Obama’s “kingdom.”

The list goes on and each one is creepier and more disturbing than the last.  It’s been a while, but if I remember correctly, when I was in elementary school, we sang nursery rhymes and patriotic songs.  We performed plays such as “The Three Bears” and the my favorite from third grade: “The North Pole Goes Rock ‘n Roll.”   Of course, Christmas themes aren’t allowed these days because someone might get offended.  If I had a child in school and I found out their teachers were forcing them to participate in these types of activities, I’d be at the school in a heartbeat.  I can only hope some of the parents of these kids feel the same way.   Visit Big Hollywood for more and take a look at the videos of children being indoctrinated for yourself:  ELEMENTARY EPIDEMIC: 11 Uncovered Videos Show School Children Performing Praises to Obama

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